Google Maps green light notification

It's either that or someone honks at you

Texting while driving is a dangerous activity. You know what’s even more dangerous? Watching Netflix while driving. This might sound like an activity that I made up, but I have (very unhinged) friend who told me years ago about a show he was watching. I was horrified to learn he watched the show while driving to and from work.

This got me thinking about how distracted people are at the wheel. In California, it’s not uncommon to have someone toot their horn at you if you take too long to start driving when the light turns green. What if, instead of the person behind you giving you a nudge, Google Maps or another mapping application did this?

You can imagine an experience where you receive a push notification if you’re using your phone while at a red light, notifying you that the light has turned green. This is only unhinged because it assumes you’re not paying attention, but in some ways it’s quite useful.

However, the fact that there’s any justification for this to exist shows how distracted we are as a society.

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