Google Meet Proxy Invite

Let coworkers attend meetings for you

There’s been many a time in my career where I look at my calendar and think about how insane it is that I’ve gotten to the point when I can have 4-5 hours of meetings in a day. It’s exhausting.

I understand meetings can add value, but it seems like we spend just a little too much of our time on Zoom calls and Google Meets some days. It can detract from getting meaningful work done.

Allowing myself to be creative for a moment… I do wonder if there is a way to mitigate this issue while “sharing the love”. Just because I might not want to attend a meeting doesn’t mean I should deprive my coworkers of the opportunity to do so.

Right now there are options to RSVP Yes, No, Maybe, propose a new time, or add a note. All of these are useful, but what if there was an option for a “proxy invite”? A coworker could attend an important meeting on your behalf.

The only thing that changes from the existing UI are a few letters in the RSVP section, but they could spell the downfall of corporate America. Yes, it’d be helpful for emerging talent who might want greater exposure/visibility into how the sausage is made, but it’d also be an easy way to troll or punish your coworkers. I don’t how this idea makes it into production, but if it did things would sure get interesting…

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