Instagram see average time before skipped

How invested are they in my story?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Instagram was a simple app to take photos and share them with friends. Nowadays, the app is primarily content from people you don’t know. However, the content is hyper-tailored to your interests.

Lately, I’ve mainly been using Instagram to source recipes. It’s strange to admit that Instagram is now primarily a recipe app for me, but it do be that way.

Still, I follow people on my personal account and try to keep up with the stories they post. I (like many people) am guilty of rapidly tapping through stories, especially if someone has posted a lot of them.

This got me thinking about the analytics you can see when you look at the details of a story you post. What if you could see the average time people spent looking at your story before skipping it?

For the most part, I’d venture to guess a feature like this would hurt people’s feelings and drive little (if any) incremental value for the app. Based on what I observe, people spend a comically short amount of time looking at content from others, so this would likely frustrate and dishearten a lot of people.

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