iMessage show number of times they’ve read a message

"Reread receipts"

Most of us have been left on read. It stinks. I guess I can't be too mad though since I have read receipts on and forget to reply all the time. Oh well.

There's a special pain knowing that someone saw your message, looked at it, and didn't reply. To defend that behavior, some people are busy. Some people are just mean too. To that end... what if instead of showing if someone reads a message we showed how many times they read a message.

This adds another layer of frustration and anxiety. Not only did the person actively choose to not respond in the moment, they chose to come back to this screen and re-read it. On the receiver end, there's little to no utility in a feature like this. However on the sender side, if you know people can see when you reread stuff, you would be forced to A) not re-read B) reply or C) be cruel and keep on reading.

I could see this causing... a lot of strife in some relationships.

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