Instagram profile IQ indicator

"That was a clever comment"

There are some applications (like Instagram) where it feels like I need to put on a hazmat suit to enter the comment section. People are just so mean. Thankfully, I’ve somehow avoided overt hate from the internet for the most part. Hopefully, me sharing this doesn’t jinx it.

When I do get replies on my posts, it’s typically people either enjoying my jokes or adding to them. On rare occasions, someone will say something a little mean, but at this point, I have a very thick skin.

Other times people say stuff that doesn’t make sense. To be fair, it’s hard to qualify intent but sometimes I see a reply or comment and think, “Well, that’s silly”.

Given how pervasive this is, especially on larger accounts, I wonder what the world might look like if a user’s IQ was shared as a label appended to the profile name. This would give you a clear picture of who is capable of leaving thoughtful comments vs. not.

The interesting part about this feature is the implication that IQ is either stored on your device or it’s something you consciously choose to share. Given people’s general aversion to sharing information, I think it’d be hard to get a sizeable number of users on board with this feature. If they did though, it’d be interesting.

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