iOS teleprompter feature

For when you can't find the words

It’s ironic that people spend so much time using their phones but rarely use them to make calls. I have a short list of people who I regularly speak with on the phone. Other than that, my calls are mainly spam. This didn’t happen overnight, though it does seem to have accelerated in the past 5 to 10 years.

I might be showing my age, but there’s something special about sitting on the phone with someone having a conversation. People don’t do that anymore. Social media is partially responsible for rotting our brains to the point where we can’t communicate, but to be fair, it’s often easier to send a text instead of picking up the phone.

Sometimes you do have to make a call to someone you’d rather not speak to. In those moments, having a guide for the conversation might be helpful. What if there was a feature where you could enable a teleprompter for awkward phone calls?

This is one of those ideas that’s bad in its current state, though it could be repurposed into something useful. I’m not quite sure how, but I’d venture to guess someone reading this could figure it out.

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